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The Power of Color in Web Design

In web design, informed color choices should never be taken for granted or overlooked. Poor color choice can have the exact effect of having a poorly layed-out website or poor design. It creates user frustration and avoidance, and since color is associated with emotion, your website, if improperly coordinated, can provoke an emotion you weren’t... Read more »

28 Examples of Nature Imitated

Mother Nature has the best design team in the world. The breathtaking beauty and efficiency of nature is undeniable and often imitated in life, art, film, products – and even recycled from time to time by nature itself. Look around you, nature is everywhere.

88 Incredible Sand Sculptures

If you ever visited the beach as a kid, you likely remember packing damp sand into a pail, then quickly flipping it over and tapping it out to make a little sand castle. Mine were never very elaborate. Perhaps it was never really worth it to me to put a lot of effort into something... Read more »

Chicago kicks off fall art season with Grolsch and tats

It’s that time of year. The temperature drops, the leaves quietly change colors, and no one can decide if they should wear white. Amidst all of this, the Chicago visual art community ramps up for its annual fall season kick-off. More than 50 galleries across the city open their doors–and their Grolsch beer bottles–to welcome... Read more »