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Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Will Leave Your Brain In A Knot

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Will Leave Your Brain In A Knot
  Leave it to the Mission: Impossible franchise to pull off an impossible mission – to not only show moviegoers that the fourth installment is as fresh as the first 15 years ago, but that Tom Cruise is too. Judging by the numbers, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol is ripe for a record run. In... Read more »

Miles Media Room is excited to be a part of Chicago Now!

Initially when I began blogging, I was using the Blogger format. What I like about Chicago Now is that now, I can blog with really cool bloggers and share my stories with a much bigger audience. I am a big fan of social network marketing, so being heard on different media platforms is really cool... Read more »

Pink Line Art in My Heart: My Love Affair with a Train Station

I am a stranger in your town.  I’m that wide-eyed tourist you may love or hate.  I run around your city, staring in amazement at things you pass by everyday.  Taking pictures. Lots of them. Attempting to blend in, acting nonchalant on the outside, while inside I’m screaming ‘Wow!!!!!!’.   My blog may cover things... Read more »

20 Incredible Flying Sharks

It’s shark week, and what could possibly make a shark more dangerous (yet amazingly cool)? Well, it’s referred to as “flying” in many cases, but actually these awesome sharks simply saw something they wanted and went for it – and breached the water in the process.

50 Face-Numbingly Bad Websites

The Internet has been around for a while now, and at this point we don’t know what we’d do without it. Despite having ample time to adapt their sites to meet current trends and expectations, some people just don’t get it. Here are 50 of the Web’s most face-numbingly bad sites, all still active today.... Read more »

50 Ridiculously Bad Cosplay Attempts

Cosplay comes in three flavors: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Right now, we’re only interested in the bad and the ugly (because we need a good laugh). Here are the 50 worst cosplay fails we could find. 11 Celebs With Hideous Feet 35 Pictures That Demand Explanation Chicago’s Hottest Nightclub Girls

33 of the Weirdest Restaurant Names

If you keep eating fast food, you will be.
Before opening a restaurant or cafe, most business owners give considerable thought to the name of the establishment. The right name and signage can go a long way towards a restaurant’s success… or ultimate failure. The restaurant business isn’t easy to begin with, it’s hard work and many fail to make enough profits to remain... Read more »

88 Incredible Sand Sculptures

If you ever visited the beach as a kid, you likely remember packing damp sand into a pail, then quickly flipping it over and tapping it out to make a little sand castle. Mine were never very elaborate. Perhaps it was never really worth it to me to put a lot of effort into something... Read more »

21 Obvious Things You Probably Never Noticed

The king of time.
Many of us are so busy in our day-to-day lives that we have little time to examine the details of relatively unimportant things, thus quite a bit slips by us. I’d seen the FedEx logo, oh, I don’t know, maybe only about a million times before I saw the arrow. I only recently discovered the... Read more »

55 Konami Code Enabled Websites

Displays a Kontra map with all the levels and bosses.
The Konami Code, or Konami Command, is a cheat code found in some video games. However, it’s not just limited to games anymore. Some websites can also  be manipulated using the Konami Code. These websites have embedded code within them that allows visitors to find the hidden Easter eggs if they know the code. There... Read more »