Mike Bloomberg Goes To 1st Base With Lady GaGa

Mike Bloomberg Goes To 1st Base With Lady GaGa

“Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today, I want to be a part of it, New York, New York,” Frank Sinatra must have been talking about being in New York during New Year’s Eve when he began singing that classic song so many many years ago. Tom Murro joined the Manhattan madness Saturday night to see the glorious ball drop in Time Square.

Over a million New Years Eve revelers camped out in Times Square for hours, some accepting binocular-worthy spots just to catch a glimpse of the ball drop. But the king of all things exclusive, Chicago Now’s Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro, scored a highly coveted Planet Hollywood VIP sidewalk spot, bypassing a long wait and even getting an up-close look at the kiss shared between NYC Mayor Bloomberg and NYC native Lady Gaga. Was tongue involved? C’mon everyone, it’s Lady Gaga we’re talking about.

Under normal circumstances, a few eyebrows might’ve been raised at a kiss shared between two people with “special somebodies.” But considering it was a balmy New Year’s Eve, and that Lady Gaga was masquerading as an octopus for most of the night, and that, hours earlier, Justin Bieber and Carlos Santana had serenaded revelers with The Beatles’ “Let it Be,” we all let it be too

Murro and his entourage caught a glimpse of the Bieber-Santana performance as their police escort led them past multiple police checkpoints surrounding Broadway, before heading to Planet Hollywood to celebrate at their exclusive six-person VIP table alongside an open bar and buffet.

The group, which included Murro’s wife Kelly, Michael Abdinoor and his wife Michelle, hung out upstairs, dancing and boozing it up in preparation for the midnight festivities. Also part of the group was Murro’s frequent party partner, “Food Network” Chef Chris Nirschel, and his new girlfriend, Angelina Pivarnick. Maybe you know her? She’s that Jersey Shore girl that managed to escape guida-trocious seasons 3, 4, and 5. Somewhere, no doubt, an MTV exec is teaching his kid how to count to 10.

Nirschel and Pivarnick, who recently underwent 30 days of therapy for new show “Couples Therapy,” according to Murro,were very lovey dovey the whole night, bringing the New Year’s kiss to a whole other level. The show will debut this spring on VH1.

In anticipation of the ball drop, the group headed down into the horn-honking, confetti-throwing Times Square crowd, and then over to Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue for a party co-hosted by recently killed-off Boardwalk Empire cast member Michael Pitt and former Olympic boxer Eric Kelly.

At one point, the booze ran dry at Pitt’s VIP table, but in typical Jimmy Darmody fashion, he secured a new shipment for the group, and the party continued. HBO may be able to take Darmody away from Pitt onscreen, but off, our favorite Boardwalk man lives – and parties – on.








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