Michael Lohan Is Full Of Pooh

Michael Lohan Is Full Of Pooh


We all know Michael Lohan will do anything for publicity, and he usually doesn’t go to the hospital unless he’s injured during a cop chase.

But last Thursday he was rushed to the ER of the Gulf Coast Medical Center in Ft Meyers.  And he seems to be channeling his inner Pooh, as he”s checked in under the assumed name of Christopher Robin, after suffering chest pains and scoring a 200/110 on his blood pressure test test.

Our sources tell us the doctors ran  more tests and found out Mike actually needs a stent in his heart. And he has a blood clotting one of his lungs!

Were told that Michael has been talking nonstop, on pain meds, and even ordered pizza with a side of mac n cheese from the local Pizza Hut over the weekend.

Surgery was scheduled for yesterday but postponed due to an infection, and he’s running a high fever, he’s a fighter, so lets hope he pulls through.

Those who want to wish him well can reach him at (239) 343-2000, although the phone may be busy.

According to our friend Rob Shuter at Huffingtonpost- “[Neither] Lindsay nor any of his children have been in contact with him,” Lindsay’s friend tells him. “He’s actually trying to get to Dina through collect calls but she is having none of it. Dina is taking him to family court [again] for child support on Dec. 12 — which he probably won’t show for.”

I wonder who will be waiting for him after he eventually has surgery? Will it be Real Housewives Kim Granatell or Kate Major? Stay tuned to find out!

Tom Murro


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