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Science + Cats = Awwww!

via www.zooborns.com Read about these rare cats born via in-vitro fertilization on ZooBorns.  

Tokyo's Cat Cafes

I’m planning my honeymoon, and top on my list of options is a trip to Tokyo so that I can visit some of their famous cat cafes. Small detail: my fiance totally does not approve of this plan.  Consequently, I’ve been trolling the internet for videos of cat cafes to try to sell this idea... Read more »

These Cats Donated to Tree House!

Last week we asked people to email us pictures of their cats.  We promised to donate $1 per picture to Tree House, a wonderful cat shelter here in Chicago.  Well, this week we’ll be writing a $25 check to Tree House thanks to the cats pictured below! If you didn’t get a chance to send... Read more »

Feline Faves

                           1.                                 2.                                3.                                 4. My favorite cat related stuff from this week: Silly Bandz. If you want to be as cool as a first grader, get some Silly Bandz.  I’ve been rocking the SillyPets all week.  Of course, the cat is my favorite. This fort.  Over the long weekend I constructed... Read more »

Featured Cat Site: Love & Hisses!

One of the many cat blogs that I’m always eager to check each morning is Love & Hisses.  It chronicles the life of Robyn, her 11 cats (!!!), and the many, many foster cats she takes in from the Challenger’s House shelter in Alabama.  She cares for litters of kittens, freeing up space at the... Read more »

Feline Faves

                1.                                       2.                                      3.                                    4. My favorite cat related stuff this week:  This card: “It’s 3:00am. Do you know where your cat is?” Love it.  It’s available from Hallmark’s... Read more »

Fosters Needed for Adorable Kittens!

PAWS Chicago is doing some wonderful Trap Neuter Return work all over Chicago.  If you don’t know about TNR, you can read about it here.  Currently, PAWS is overloaded with adoptable kittens that they’ve trapped.  These feral kittens are so young that with socialization, they can be adopted into loving homes instead of sent back... Read more »

Why We Love Cats

I could tell you the 100 reasons I love cats, but I’ll let some wise and more eloquent people do it for me.  Here are 20 great quotations about why cats are the best. Want even more? Find us on Facebook and Twitter to get your daily dose of cat cuteness!


The very awesome Steve Dale turned us on to a great organization: the CATalyst Council.  The other day we mentioned that cat people kinda get a bad rap.  Well, so do cats themselves.  Did you know that cats are taken to the vet less frequently than dogs?  Raise your paw if that doesn’t seem right!... Read more »