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Meowch Madness: Sweet Sixteen!

They don’t call it March Madness for nothing! Turns out Meowch Madness is no different. We had close races, huge upsets, and a couple Cinderellas, as the unlikely-but-lovable Figaro and Nermal knocked out two powerhouse #1 seeds (Mr. Bigglesworth and Garfield) in the first round. We’re down to the Sweet Sixteen, so vote now for... Read more »

Meowch Madness! Vote for Your Favorite Cat!

Forget bracketology…it’s time for some bracatology!  We’ve gathered the greatest cats of all time and put them in a March Meowch Madness bracket.  Pick your favorite cats from each division–the internet cat division, the celebrity cat division, the movie/television cat division, and the cartoon cat division–and help select the greatest cat of all time!!  Vote... Read more »

Your Holiday Shopping is Finished

Because I have found the purrrfect gift for you to give all the cat lovers in your life.  Behold: via Threadless

Keyboard Cat: A Tribute

Check out this tribute to Keyboard Cat featuring Ron Livingston (who you’ll recognize from Office Space and Sex & the City). Enjoy!  Find us on Facebook and Twitter for your daily dose of cat cuteness.

Cat Fight!

Let’s get ready to rumble!  The website Urlesque has chosen the top 16 internet cats of all time and seeded them in a bracket for cat lovers the world over to vote on. The winner of each round will be chosen by your votes, leading to the final feline who will earn the ultimate title:... Read more »