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Cat Calendar Club

This is just up my alley.  (And if you’re reading this blog, probably yours.) Click here to learn how you can join a super awesome club that discusses cute cats from this calendar everyday.  I already ordered the calendar and am so excited!

Your Holiday Shopping is Finished

Because I have found the purrrfect gift for you to give all the cat lovers in your life.  Behold: via Threadless

These Cats Donated to Tree House!

Last week we asked people to email us pictures of their cats.  We promised to donate $1 per picture to Tree House, a wonderful cat shelter here in Chicago.  Well, this week we’ll be writing a $25 check to Tree House thanks to the cats pictured below! If you didn’t get a chance to send... Read more »

Famous Cat Lovers!

Cat lovers get a bad rap, but there are actually quite a few awesome cat lovers out there!  Here are 15 of our favorite famous cat lovers. Who is your favorite cat lover?  Leave a comment? Want even more?  Find us on Facebook and Twitter to get your daily dose of cat cuteness!