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Trivia Night to Benefit Cats!

Do you love trivia?  And cats?  Of course you do!  So check out Cat Vando’s trivia night to benefit stray and feral cats! Trivia is held on the second Wednesday of each month on the upper level of Skrine Chops in Forest Park.  Confirm with Cat Vando before you head out.  Come hungry and enjoy... Read more »

Meowch Madness: Final Four!

We’re down to the Final Fur Four! poll by   poll by

Meowch Madness: Elite Eight!

We are down to just 8 teams in our Meowch Madness bracket!  Which cat has what it takes to cut down the nets?  It’s up to you.  Vote now for your favorite feline and help determine the Champion Cat! Internet Cat Division poll by Celebrity Cat Division poll by Movie/TV Cat Division poll... Read more »

Meowch Madness: Sweet Sixteen!

They don’t call it March Madness for nothing! Turns out Meowch Madness is no different. We had close races, huge upsets, and a couple Cinderellas, as the unlikely-but-lovable Figaro and Nermal knocked out two powerhouse #1 seeds (Mr. Bigglesworth and Garfield) in the first round. We’re down to the Sweet Sixteen, so vote now for... Read more »

Meowch Madness! Vote for Your Favorite Cat!

Forget bracketology…it’s time for some bracatology!  We’ve gathered the greatest cats of all time and put them in a March Meowch Madness bracket.  Pick your favorite cats from each division–the internet cat division, the celebrity cat division, the movie/television cat division, and the cartoon cat division–and help select the greatest cat of all time!!  Vote... Read more »

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I opened the best Valentine’s gift ever: this super awesome cat bangle from Michelle Chang Jewelry.  I think it’s the cat’s meow.  Check out Michelle’s Etsy shop for more awesome animal jewelry. 

Tokyo's Cat Cafes

I’m planning my honeymoon, and top on my list of options is a trip to Tokyo so that I can visit some of their famous cat cafes. Small detail: my fiance totally does not approve of this plan.  Consequently, I’ve been trolling the internet for videos of cat cafes to try to sell this idea... Read more »

Meet Mits

Meet Mits, my friend’s super cute cat. Mits recently got a makeover thanks to Microsoft Paint.  Meet Top Hat Mits: It looks like Mits is going to the beach: I think we can all agree Mits is pretty awesome.  How awesome is your cat?  Send us a picture of your cat altered by MS Paint,... Read more »

Cat Calendar Club

This is just up my alley.  (And if you’re reading this blog, probably yours.) Click here to learn how you can join a super awesome club that discusses cute cats from this calendar everyday.  I already ordered the calendar and am so excited!

Feline Faves

My favorite cat things from this week! 1. Show how much you love cat…by dressing your dog in this Big Cat Hoodie.  (Image via Olive.) This dog looks like the cat’s meow in this cute hoodie! 2. Don’t just buy cute stuff for your dog.  Check out Catsparella’s awesome gift guide to buy treats for... Read more »