If the Candidates Were Cats

Have you spent more time looking at videos of cats on YouTube than you have researching the candidates for Mayor of Chicago? For shame! Don’t let your love of cute cat videos prevent you from doing your civic duty! You can learn about the candidates and indulge your love of cats.

Here’s who some of Chicago’s mayoral candidates would be…if they were famous internet cats!

1. Rahm Emanuel.

Known for his colorful language and aggressive style, Rahm Emanuel is, of course, Angry Cat.

2. Carol Moseley Braun

She’s Morris, the 9Lives spokescat.  Both Moseley Braun and Morris are foodies.  (Moseley Braun launched an organic food line, Ambassador Organics.  Morris the cat, known as “the world’s most finicky cat,” is a total food snob.)  And like the brand Morris represents, Moseley Braun has had multiple lives…political lives, that is. She’s bounced back from an ethics scandal in the Senate and a failed presidential bid to become one of Chicago’s mayoral candidates.

3. Gery Chico

Mayor Daley appointed Gery Chico to be the president of the Board of Trustees of Chicago Public Schools.  Then to the Chicago Park District.  Then to the Board of Trustees of the City Colleges of Chicago.  When Daley had a tough job, he turned to Chico.  Like famous internet cat Maru, who loves to crawl into small spaces, Chico is good at getting in and out of tight spots. 

4. Miguel del Valle

He’s the only candidate who is refusing to take money from donors with city contracts and other special interests. He’s pledging to clean up City Hall and avoid dirty politics. For that, he is Roomba Cat.

Which internet cats remind you of Chicago politicians?  Leave a comment below!

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  • I love this! This post has definitely informed my decision about who to vote for.

  • Rahm Emanuel is Heathcliff? I don't get it.

  • I don't like cats, but this was pretty funny...and accurate!

  • Dammit, now i need to get a Roomba for the cats.

  • I think that Patricia Watkins is Bravo Cat because she chases drug deals and fights for justice.

  • If James Meeks were still in the race I'd nominate the Justin Bieber Hissing Cat:
    Not because I think the Reverend hates Canadian Tweens, but I bet he thinks Beiber is a cute little lesbian.

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