Marinated Cat Saved From Becoming Owner's Dinner

We hate reading stories of cat abuse, but this one has a happy ending.

Navarro, a cute tuxedo cat in Buffalo was saved from becoming his owner’s dinner this week.  Gary L. Korkuc was stopped for a routine traffic violation when the police officers heard a crying noise coming from his trunk.  What they found was horrifying.

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The 4-year-old kitty was in the trunk marinating in a mixture of crushed red peppers, chili peppers, oil, and salt.  Korkuc was planning on eating him– he didn’t like Navarro as a pet because he was too “ill-tempered.”

Thanks to a couple of attentive police officers, Navarro was taken back to the SPCA where he had been adopted by Korkuc in May and given two baths right away.  Korkuc was charged with animal cruelty in addition to passing a stop sign and failing to signal.  He also has been banned from adopting any animal from the SPCA permanently.

Navarro was a popular cat at the SPCA as soon as he was put back up for adoption, and found a forever home with Vickie, who was looking for a new friend for her cat.  We wish their new family all the best!

Traffic stop saves cat from owner’s plate (Buffalo News)
Cat found covered with oil, salt, peppers in man’s trunk is adopted (SPCA of Erie County)


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  • Ugh! This is so upsetting. It's great it has a happy ending though.

  • If you want to see a truly incredible cat rescue and sanctuary, please watch the 4 minute You Tube video for The Cat House on the Kings. They are aiming for 1 million hits, so please continue to post and pass it around!

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