About Chicagoland Outdoors

When I moved to Chicago from the Blue Ridge Mountains four years ago, I thought the whole state of Illinois was a monotonous plain of grass. And luckily, I was wrong.

If you're like me, you love Chicago, but every once in a while you need to get out of the city to breathe some fresh air, to hear the wind in the leaves or feel the sun on your skin, filtered through willows and tamaracks.

While researching and location scouting for my book, Best Hikes Near Chicago, I discovered a side of Chicagoland I never knew existed: vast woodlands, wetlands, prairies, dunescapes, and even canyons, all within an hour's drive of downtown.

Chicagoland Outdoors is a comprehensive resource for hikers, campers, and Chicagoans who care about nature. You'll find photos, trail and campsite reviews, environmental and wildlife news, and everything else you need to discover one of the most underrated natural areas in the U.S.

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About the Author

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is an outdoors author at Falcon Guides, an award-winning screenwriter at Fox, a blogger at the Tribune Company, a literary magazine editor, copyeditor, backpacker, and explorer. His book, Best Hikes Near Chicago, was published in 2011. He has written and contributed to Publishers Weekly, Bookslut, Ghost Ocean Magazine, and served as editor-in-chief of The Lincoln Park Times in 2011 and Oyez Review in 2010. His script, "Liberal Arts", won grand prize at the New York Television Festival in 2009, and is currently in development at Fox. He also blogs at  Mount Helicon.

You can follow Adam Morgan @earthmorgan on Twitter.