Seven Lions bring his EDM music to Aragon Ballroom

Seven Lions bring his EDM music to Aragon Ballroom

Review by: Eric Luczak

Seeing an EDM show is definitely something to experience. I have listened to some of Seven Lions, Tritonal, and Kill the Noise before seeing them live just to get a feel for the type of music they make and play. There are definitely tracks worth listening to by every artist, but the live show takes it to a different level.

When you pair the music with the lights and visuals it has a great combined effect to really make you present to the show in front of you. There’s so much going on that it’s hard not to be looking around and experiencing it all the time.

The show started with Kill the Noise, which is by far the heaviest act of the show. His music featured a ton of dubstep and hard drops and when paired with dark visuals it did a great job of taking me out of my head. For me, this was an exercise to see how dark of a theme I can tolerate and the more obscene or morbid a visual and drop the larger the smile on my face was. My issue here is that this is very heavy music that is best left to end a show. It is hard to fully let loose to this type of music without an emotional warm up, and honestly this music is not for timid people.

After his set finished, Tritonal took stage with the most mainstream act. They played hits like “Calling” by Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso and a remix of Alessia Cara’s “Stay”. Over all they had a very clean set with songs that felt very familiar to me even though I have never heard them before. They can definitely please the crowd and their success so far makes sense considering that they are the definition of what people think EDM sounds like.

Seven Lions was the headliner and he killed it! Between the songs that I did know and recognized, he played some great trance inspired pieces and also had some bass heavy drum rhythms that immediately cleared my head of anything I was thinking about. I think those drum rhythms were the best part of the show even thought they only lasted a couple of seconds each. The crowd absolutely agreed!

I would definitely go see another Kill the Noise and Seven Lions show, but I think that they are better off as separate shows. Moving from dubstep to trance music seemed an odd transition to me. Tritonal is background music that is too familiar to induce an emotion or state and unfortunately it felt very cookie cutter, but hey, people like it so it’s not that bad.


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