Evanescence’s Synthesis Tour comes to Chicago

Evanescence’s Synthesis Tour comes to Chicago
Photo copyright Charity Santiago

Returning to Chicago for the first time since 2011, and after a 3-year music hiatus, Evanescence treated their fans with a stylistic re-imagining of their past music in their Synthesis Tour at the historic Chicago Theater—a great venue for their new sound—on November 30, 2017.

Synthesis, Evanescence’s 4th studio album, released on November 10, 2017. Synthesis presents listeners with a reworked take on their music that is still uniquely “Evanescence” with a fusion of orchestra and elements of electronica, but still retaining the heart of the sound they’re so well known for.

Fans were not quite sure what to expect from the concert with this divergence. Nevertheless they enthusiastically greeted the band with cheers, screams, and generally loud excitement—and definitely were not disappointed.

Appearing in a stunning black and red gown reminiscent of an opera singer, accompanied by a 28-piece orchestra and the other members of Evanescence, lead singer Amy Lee wowed the audience with her powerful and haunting vocals. Switching between a standing microphone for her more physically demanding songs and the piano, Lee solidified her competency as not only a compelling vocalist, but as a classical pianist. But don’t take this as being a somber, mellow performance. Lee’s excitement to perform shined through brilliantly, putting her all into every song, backed up by her talented band and visually accompanied by a brilliant light show reminiscent of classic rock performances.

The set-list did not dissatisfy, ranging from their newest single, “Imperfection”, all the way back to the song that launched Evanescence into the public eye, “Bring Me to Life”this time performed without the heavy drums and guitars and instead replacing both those and the male rap vocals with a gorgeous string arrangement and allowing Lee’s astounding voice to ring clear. The set-list also included the rest of the Synthesis song list such as the classic “My Immortal”, the haunting “Lithium”, and the lamentful “Lacrymosa”. Lee also surprised the audience with her solo song “Speak to Me”, recorded for the film Voice from the Stone, and “Good Enough” from the band’s 2006 album, The Open Door.

Overall the show was fantastic, with the audience’s energy and enthusiasm hard to contain. Definitely don’t miss them the next time they come to Chicago!

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