Triple play concert series: Round Three Collective Soul

Story By: Amanda McMahon

The Gin Blossoms were one of the first bands to ever perform at the Triple Play Concert Series that started nine years ago in New Lenox, Illinois. This annual concert is held at the New Lenox Commons, which has plenty of green grass to accommodate the crowd during the string of outdoor concerts.

This Saturday night concert had great weather, which created an even better atmosphere for those who attended. There were also many food vendor selections to choose from while walking throughout the event.

Lullwater, the opening band of the night, is a rock band based out of Athens, Georgia. This southern rock band has four members: John Strickland (vocals/guitar), Roy Beatty (bass), Joe Wilson (drums) and Jesse Triplett (guitar). They played all of their hit songs, along with a few Pearl Jam covers.

Gin Blossoms were next on the lineup for the night. This American rock band was formed in Tempe, Arizona in 1987. Their current members are: Bill Leen (bass guitar), Jesse Valenzuela (rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals), Robin Wilson (lead vocals, percussion, harmonica, acoustic guitar), Scott “Scotty” Johnson (lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals) and Scott Hessel (drums, percussion). They performed their hit “Hey Jealously” which was a real crowd pleaser.

The final band of the night was the one and only: Collective Soul. This band originates from Stockbridge, Georgia. Currently, there are five members in this American rock band: Ed Roland (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard), Dean Roland (rhythm guitar), Will Turpin (bass, backing vocals), Johnny Rabb (drums, percussion) and Jesse Triplett (lead guitar, backing vocals).

Collective Soul had a great set; the crowd was dancing and singing the entire night. The energy from this band was truly felt in each song that was sung. They played all of their hits including “Run”, “December” and “Where the River Flows”.

If you happened to miss this fantastic event, be sure to check out the last concert in the Triple Play Concert Series. For more information on the final concert, you can visit the Village of New Lenox for details and ticket information.


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