The BoDeans perform in New Lenox during annual Triple Play series

Story by: Nicole Abdessalam

New Lenox, IL–”It’s always a fun event. You don’t have to drive downtown and pay to park.” That’s a big perk according to New Lenox resident Vito Caponigro. He’s attended every Triple Play since its inception in 2009. He says his favorite band he’s seen to-date is Lynyrd Skynyrd.

It’s the second string of concerts in the 9th annual New Lenox Triple Play series. Skies were just a bit cloudy, and despite the heat and humidity there was a nice breeze. An excitement buzzed around the crowd as people mingled and enjoyed food and beverages from a variety of local vendors.

St. Paul native Nicholas David opened for The Smithereens and played covers of wonderful classics such as Tony Bennett’s Fly me to the moon, Heuy Lewis’ The Power of Love, and the theme song from the 1984 comedy, Ghostbusters.

Next up, The Smithereens Pat DiNizio provided a great performance, despite having an obviously injured arm from a biking accident–hope you feel better, bud! He displayed genuine warmth and humor, drawing a large crowd to the stage with a song from their first album (32 years ago!), Behind the Wall of Sleep.

Last but not least, the BoDeans went on a little after 9pm. By this time there were a ton of people at the foot of the stage. The crowd was really moved by the music sang by lead vocalist Kurt Neumann. When Kurt speaks to the crowd you feel like he’s talking directly to you. Couples danced in the aisles and others clapped their hands in the air to favorites such as Texas Ride Song.

There are still two more upcoming concerts in the New Lenox Triple Play series. Collective Soul and Gin Blossoms will be playing on Saturday, August 5, and Barenaked Ladies and Living Colour will play on Saturday, September 2. Tickets are available for $75 each.

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