Parmalee Rolls into Joe's in Rosemont

Parmalee took the stage and the energy level went up a notch!  The band who took their name from their small town in North Carolina.  Parmalee’s country rock sound is based in bluegrass, traditional country, and southern rock and blues all the music they heard their families play.

Matt and Scott Thomas grew up near Greenville, NC.  They grew up watching their dad who played in a popular local southern rock band. They practiced and added Cousin Barry on the drums. One night as teenagers, they snuck into a club to watch their dad play.  “The guitar player got too drunk before the gig and didn’t show,” Matt explains. “I knew all the songs so my dad called me on stage. I was in the band from that point on.” Scott replaces the drummer and Barry learned the bass to seal his place in the band.  The line up for the Thomas Brothers Band was formed.  Josh McSwain was playing in a cover band when Matt invited Josh to play with them.

Their country rock sound put them on the top of the Sirius XM Highway “Hot 30 LIVE” with “Musta Had A Good Time” for four consecutive weeks. Now with “Carolina” their mulit-week #1 made history by being the longest climbing single by a duo or group in the 24 year history of the Billboard Country Airplay Chart.

The full house at Joe’s made it plain to see that they will be the next super group!

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