The Gamble's Last Deal

Sunday night at Ravinia Festival Associates Kenny Rogers made his last concert appearance. For me it was a chance to take a step back, to my very first concert as I started out to be photographer.
 It was 1985 and Sawyer Brown had just won Star Search and was opening for Kenny Rogers at Brookfield Zoo. I made my way up front and started shooting, and I was hooked.
Kenny made his was out on stage slowly and told the crowd of over 8000 that he had very recently had knee surgery and would be sitting for part of the show.
When most artist would have called off the show Kenny just pulled up a chair. This made the show more like old friends sitting around the kitchen table reminiscing.
The show took the audience on a journey through his over his 60 year career. Kenny’s career spanned form singer, songwriter actor and record producer.
With more than 120 hit singles across several music genres he has spent more than 200 individual weeks on top of country and pop charts. His look back highlighted some of the greatest performers that got country music to where it is today. In between the stories and memories were every one of his hits. The extremely talented Linda Davis came out for many of his famous duets.
September 2015 he announced this would be his last tour, so he could spend more time with his wife Wanda and his twin boys. “The Gambler’s Last Deal” tour will last for 2 years and cover Ireland, Thailand, The Philippines and UK and all over the US. His final appearance will be on the Today show with a date to be announced at a later time.
Sunday I felt the same as I first did photographed this legendary performer! Thank you Kenny for so many great memories!

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