Two Way Crossing stops in at Joe's Live!

It was spring of 2014 Jenny and Blake Marvin packed up their Denver, Co home and headed east to Nashville, TN.  They wanted to immerse themselves in with the best in the business.  It was this move that brought Kevin Smith (guitar), Jason Mossman (drums), Clint Reynolds (bass) and Tony Aichele (guitar) to the mix.

It was during the band’s first tour when Blake and Jenny saw that the new members were becoming more like family and their duo was becoming more of a band.  The group has spent ample amounts of time rehearsing.  On stage their hard work shows in their performance with high energy.  Their audiences are drawn from the back of the room to right up front.

The group has developed a loyal fan base that spans the was that fan base the help launch the group’s latest EP titled Déjà vu through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The six-song EP will hook you with “Look A Like” and will hold you until the last chord of “Still Young.” Journalist Lisa Zimmer agrees saying, “Instantly, the electric sound grips the listener with a current country charm collided with an alternative rock vibe. A timeless combination that you can’t help but rock to; the kind that causes you to nod and shake your head from musicality, lyrics, and the way it makes you feel, re-live, and imagine.”

Jenny poured her out and soul into the songwriting for the group and it shows in the album. Two Way Crossing’s vocals move from two and three part harmonies they are pushing the boundaries of country music.

If you missed them last week fear not the promised to be back later this year. Can’t wait to get some new country, you can find them on the road with dates all across the country this summer!

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