Described as a cross between Toby Keith and Eric Church look out here comes Adam Fears.

Adam like most, figured he would follow in his father’s footsteps.  It was only after some long conversations with  “the man upstairs” that got him into the music business.

While attending Texas A&M he began to draw a following but not until his final year that his opportunity in country music arose.  “We [the band] were all about to graduate and go our separate ways, and I did not know where music was going for me. I prayed about it so much.”  One Sunday morning at church his grandparents shared a pew with a gentleman from Nashville who had a friend in the music business.  By the grace of God his CD made it’s way back to Nashville and ended up on the desk of a Music City publisher. Since then he has been working on honing his songwriting skills. “For me songwriting comes in spurts. I enjoy writing about things that are personal to me, what I’ve lived through and experienced.”

When it comes to songwriting, sitting with his close circle of friends and a few cups of coffee,  conversation about things they’ve lived through and experienced usually leads to finding a riff on the guitar and a song is built from there.

“I’m a Texas guy. I grew up riding horses and working on farms. Being a lead guitar player, Chris LeDoux for me was that Rock & Roll Cowboy. I would go to see him every year at the Henderson County rodeo one county over from home. We would see him every summer and all I could think was man that’s the kind of stuff I want to do.” Adams a little older and wiser now but those early influences reflect in his music to this day.

The soundtrack for the drive from Nashville to Chicago was filled with everything from Chris LeDoux to some old rock and roll like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Zeppelin. He does admit it gets a little louder and a little bit faster and sometimes the gear in the trailer takes the brunt of it.

Performing over a hundred dates last year Adam always has a part of his home with him on the road in the form of a large Persian rug.  “No matter where I’m playing in the world I can look down and visualize that I’m at home and it gives me a peaceful feeling.”

If you can’t catch Adam on the road try the ocean where you can find him fishing, or maybe on his Harley in the back Hills of Tennessee. No matter where you catch him, Adam Fears is one to watch and is surely a rising star in country music. Check out Purrrfect Photography’s Facebook page for a larger Gallery of photos


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    Love this guy his talent as a singer/songwriter is great when people catch on to him he better hang on!!

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