Welcome Aboard Benjamin Marks

Welcome Aboard Benjamin Marks

We are please to welcome our latest addition to the team, Benjamin Marks, he is currently working as an inter with us.

Here is a bit about Benjamin, his interest in photography began when his older brother Daniel purchased a $200 point and shoot camera when he was about eleven years old. His brother showed him how to change shutter speed, aperture and ISO, although the shutter speed only went up to 200 and the ISO to 400.

In 2013, Benjamin began earning his associate’s degree in Graphic communications with a digital media specialization. He hopes to finish earning his degree and get a job in web design or advertising within 2015. He currently shoots with a Nikon D3200 and recently purchased a Nikon Nikor fixed focal length 50mm f/1.8.

Again, we welcome Ben to the team. (He has actually been with us for several months, we are just now getting caught up on posts.)

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