2014 What a Year

As we look back at 2014 it has been a very exciting year of coverage and growth for us. We have covered some really great concerts and events. Met new friends and seen some we haven’t seen in years.

A brief recap of some of what we have done. I’ll start by saying it was amazing the day I met my new friend Count Sam Gregula (fellow ChicagoNow blogger) at C2E2. I wasn’t sure what would come of our meeting, yet over the months that followed, we have covered many events together and see lots of celebrities. Who, well like Morgan Freeman, Svengoolie, Dr. Demento and many more.

In September, we joined the ChicagoNow blog world and started the Chicagoland Concert & Event Review blog; we have also added several new people to the staff (i.e. a journalist and another photographer).

November, we partnered with a videographer friend to open a studio in Orland Park, IL.

Check out all the news stories for 2014 at our webpage. www.MatthewMedlenPhotography.com/in-the-news

The gallery below has just a few of our favorite recent photo shoots from 2014.

If the way 2014 was any projection of what 2015 may hold, we are going to be extremely busy.

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