Keith Dean, Drag-U-La creator visits Volo Auto Museum

During the recent visit to the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, IL, we were there to help Celebrate 50 years of The Munsters and got to meet Hall Of Fame Car Customizer Keith Dean, builder of the Barris Customs Munster Koach & Drag-U-La. Keith gave fabrication demonstrations, and parade led by Keith in Drag-U-La around the complex of the museum.

The Volo auto museum was not at all what I had expected. As we got closer we started seeing signs directing us to our destination. As we pulled into a residential subdivision and I started to wonder if we were headed to some car guy house. We arrived and were met by a quaint complex with 5 building of antique sellers. Near the back of the complex was the entrance to the museum entrance.  When we entered the museum entrance/ Bettys Diner, we were met by a life sized terminator t-800 endoskeleton from the films. I then realized this was going to be a far more interesting visit than I had expected. When you receive your wrist band after paying your entrance fee, you are given a map of the attractions. The museum has themed building like, a building full of vehicles from the 50’s to the 70’s and all of them for sale. A building dedicated to the bizarre car collection, this has those custom cars that are hard to explain. Next up is the Hollywood TV & movie care collection; many of the actual vehicles used in many TV and movies are on display and signed by the actors. The Kids zone is next, these are kid’s themes Hollywood displays and activities and collector cars. Lastly we went into the Cars of the Rich and Famous celebrities. These are cars owned by people like Michael Jordan, Princess Diana and many more. This last building is where were able to meet Keith Dean and watch his fabrication demo, get photos with him and the Drag-u-la.

Myself and my brother (were both photographers) were given a rare opportunity to speak with one of the staff photographers for the museum, and we were given a brief tour of the “Photo Booth” building, this is where they photo the cars that are for sale and post them on their website. It was great getting to see the behind the scenes of such an operation. Thanks Rich for the tour.

It is difficult to summarize what we saw, because there was just so much to take in. But if you want a short day trip, make the Volo Auto Museum and Attractions your destination. It is well worth the drive and price of admission and they have activities for the entire family.

Volo Auto Museum, 27582 Volo Village Rd, Volo, IL 60073. Open daily 10am – 5pm. See their website for more details:

We give this a 5 ticket rating. A truly great collection of vehicles and something for the whole family to enjoy.

Five ticket rating

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