Four Seasons of Rosé

I confess to having joined the rosé bandwagon this past summer despite my usual pattern of drinking reds regardless of the weather.  After attending several rosé tastings this fall, I realized there was no reason to give them up even with winter at our doorstep. The variety and abundance of rosés has never been greater... Read more »

Glögg: A Winter Wine

The holidays, while notably different this year, still conjure up warm visions of family, magic, and of course special food and drinks for me.  One of those festive drinks is Glögg. Not being Swedish but living in an area of Chicago that Swedes populated early on, I encountered my first Glögg years ago when I... Read more »

The Perfect Sangria for Celebrating Cinco de Mayo (at home)

Despite the snowfall last week in Chicago, Cinco de Mayo is only two weeks away!  What better way to virtually celebrate than with some Sangria?  Not all Sangrias are created equal so if you’re looking for an authentic and hand-crafted product, look no further than de la Costa Sangria which has been produced by Chicago’s... Read more »

Elden Selections - Burgundy Delivered Right To Your Door

Finally some good news in the midst of an ongoing Chicago winter and sheltering-in-place: Burgundy wines under $35 delivered right to your doorstep! The mere mention of Burgundy has long evoked wistful sighs and murmurs of anticipation but these ethereal wines are often out-of-reach or generally inaccessible due to price and availability.  Elden Selections hopes... Read more »

Wine Fascinations of 2019

It’s always fun to take stock of all the interesting wines one has encountered over the past year (if you’re a wine geek) much like travelers like to reflect on all the great trips they’ve had.  I’ve always thought wine is a terrific way to visit another place without going anywhere as you get a... Read more »

Tin Barn Vineyards: "I Blame My Dad"

One of the best parts of wine blogging is getting to talk with winemakers about their wines and what makes them special.  While most of the winemakers I talk to are understandably passionate about their wines, every now and then you meet someone who is not only passionate but also seems to embody the entire... Read more »

Castello Vicchiomaggio: The Wines That Made Mona Lisa Smile

Few places conjure up images of romance and beauty like Tuscany does.  A ruggedly stunning place of charismatic wines and tranquil scenes were imprinted forever on my brain (and heart) after visiting a few years ago. If the glorious landscape weren’t enough, the wines certainly stand on their own with their vibrant flavors and unique... Read more »

Spring Into Alicante Bouschet

As spring inches its way back into Chicago, and with it, long-awaited color, it seems the perfect time to focus on one of wine’s most colorful grapes, Alicante Bouschet (pronounced Ah-lee-KAN-tay Boo-SHAY).  Affectionately called “Ali” in Portugal’s Alentejo region where it reigns supreme, this grape is one of the few red grapes that actually has... Read more »

The Electrifying Wines of Champagne Bruno Paillard

I recently had the great pleasure to dine with Alice Paillard of Champagne Bruno Paillard.  Full of charm, energy, and joyful enthusiasm, Alice is Bruno’s daughter and runs the company alongside her father who started it in 1981.  On a quest to create an elegant style with tantalizing acidity and mineral-driven notes, Bruno sold his... Read more »

Trivento's German di Cesare Talks Music, Horses, and Wine

One of the most fascinating things about wine is its intrinsic intersection of culture, food, history, and nature. When you combine a multi-faceted winemaker with unique terroir, these elements come alive in particularly vivid wines such as those made by German di Cesare, winemaker at Bodega Trivento Argentina. I had the great pleasure to have... Read more »