Winter Solstice 2021

In spite of the Omicron variant, December solstice will happen as it has for as long as the earth has traveled around the sun. This year, it happens today, December 21, at 9:59 am. Chicago time.

This is the moment when the sun appears to be above the Tropic of Capricorn, marking the beginning of astronomical summer for the southern hemisphere of our earth. It’s summer in Antarctica!

You can read more about the December solstice on

There will be a livestream of the sunrise from Stonehenge on Wednesday, December 22. You can follow it here.

Here, there is sun on tall buildings along the Lake, the low angle of the light and shadows.

Sun on brick bungalows and neighborhood streets. Sunlight shining through the brown autumn grasses.

This will be the shortest day and longest night. This is the beginning of astronomical winter.

Chicago has broken the record for the latest date of measurable snowfall. The previous date on record for O’Hare Airport is Dec. 20, 2012. While there may be no actual snow here, there are giant snowflake decorations!

The wheel of the year turns, out of the dark, into the light, turning toward spring and beginning again. Solstice Cheer–Light and Peace to all!

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