Saturday Thunderstorm

Saturday Thunderstorm
summer showers--wikimedia

There was a chance of rain on Saturday, but people were watering their tomatoes anyway.

The sign on the bank on my way to the grocery store read 90 degrees at 9:15. The sky was hot and blue.

When I got home, I washed my yard work pants, and hung them outside to dry.

There were thunderstorm warnings in the afternoon—high wind gusts, downed tree branches, and locally heavy rainfall.

There were dark clouds in the west.

I thought I heard thunder. It sounded like the rumbling of a truck passing by. I decided to take the pants inside to dry, and fold up the folding chair.

Then came the first drops of rain. The rain fell on the grass and leaves. It was a real summer thunderstorm–thunder, lightning, heavy rain!

It got so dark, the streetlights came on.

How much rain? Not inches and inches. But maybe an inch, at least. By my unofficial measure, it filled up a cereal bowl. Not enough to undo the drought, but it was rain, real rain, and thunder and lightning, and it looked like the leaves were dancing.

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  • Thank you for such a vivid description of living through the thunderstorm. I only heard mine until it was gone, and I ventured out to see puddles in the low-lying areas.

    I love your cereal bowl as a measuring device. That's what matters -- can you eat outside in that rian?

  • Whoops, for last word, read "rain" of course! That's what I get for commenting so early!

  • Thanks so much for reading. The storm was intense while it lasted. Locally heavy rainfall, as they say. The cereal bowl was the first thing I could find that was shallow and wide. It was wonderful to get wet in the rain!

  • I guess my rain dance finally worked.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    You can make vivid thoughts from so few words.

  • Thanks for reading and dancing, AW! How much rain did you get by you?

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