Saturday Night Snow!

Saturday Night Snow!
1967 Chicago Tribune Archives

Maybe you remember the Big Snow of 1967. The photo above is from the Chicago Tribune Archives, from that record-setting  snow storm in 1967. The storm in the forecast for Saturday night-Sunday morning is forecast to be the biggest snow of the season, so far.

Do you  remember the Ground Hog Day blizzard of 2011–ten years ago?

I remember shoveling snow for days.  It was surreal how much snow there was.   Here’s a post I wrote about it five years ago.  Yes, the storm  had  many names–Snowzilla, Snowmageddon, the Snowpocalypse, too!

The Weather Channel is calling this winter storm Orlena.  What name will we have for the storm that is coming this evening?  Are we prepared for up to 9-10 inches of heavy, wet snow?

Yes, some folks will be out playing in this stuff.  I hope so!  It should be good packing snow, snowman making snow.

As I write this at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon, here come the first flakes of snow. I  will be out there shoveling it, and if you are, too, take it slow. I’ll have an update on Sunday.


Snow falling overnight–maybe 6-7 inches Sunday morning.  Yes, snow is somewhat heavy to shovel, but good packing snow.

More snow falling all day, but lighter, not as wet as the overnight snow. I’ll say 10-12 inches total here so far. Still coming down this afternoon.

Little kids are loving it.

Take your time  if you’re shoveling.


Here are some snowfall totals as of 6:45 Sunday evening thanks to Tim McGill–

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  • Hmm, the snoweekend? The sno far, so good? It's just that time of year, when the snow falls on us/ev'ry song you hear isn't a a Christmas carol.... oops!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Thanks so much for reading. Snow is falling steadily now. We'll see...

  • In the archive photos, I can pin down 1967 from the ages of the buses stuck on the street, even though I was about 15 miles south of there. The main thing I remember is putting off an essay for a week.The other takeaway was that John Coleman predicted it for Milwaukee. Similarly, even though I wan';t around. I knew that the answer to Phil Schwarz's "When was the most snow on the ground" was 1979, because that was the end of Michael Bilandic. Snow removal is better than those days, making the Ground Hog Day storm less memorable.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks for reading, and sharing you memories, Jack. Oh I love those old archive photos!
    I remember for the Ground Hog Day Blizzard, downtown offices closed early, so people could get home before the storm hit. Snow started right around 2:30 in the afternoon. I think the big problem was not closing Lake Shore Drive. Traffic was stuck for hours, people were rescued by snowmobiles!

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    The LSD reference brings it back into focus. Again , it is a bus memory, with snow drifting into stalled buses.

    Maybe that's why they said yesterday to get one's car away from the lake.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes, I remember buses stalled on Lake Shore Drive in the Groundhog Day Blizzard, too. And cars ran out of gas.
    There were warnings of winds and high waves on the lake with this storm, too.
    Snow still coming down at 4:45. This is lighter and more powdery, though. Maybe lake-enhanced snow.

  • Your Tim McGill post is confirmed by other reports that it was about a foot. This time the models converged and looked exactly like the actual radar, except they projected 8 point something or 9 point something inches, and hence became a bit short.

  • Thanks, Jack. I'm so glad you could see what Tim McGill posted. Yes, lots of snow around here.
    My brother, who lives in LaSalle County, near Utica, IL, says they got about 3 inches of snow there!

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