Spring and All That Is

Spring and All That Is

Saturday, March 21—

Spring again, just past the vernal equinox. The sky is soft and gray. Crocuses are blooming.  The pussy willows are opening, the same color as the sky.

This morning, I went to get milk at the Walgreens at Roosevelt and Ridgeland in south Oak Park. There was a big delivery truck full of stuff,  but no one knows what’s on it.  Milk? Rubbing alcohol?   This is how we live now, and every day is  changing.

Some businesses are laying off workers.  Some shops are forced to close, for now.  The Jewel is hiring—apply online or at the Customer Service desk.

Later in the afternoon, I walked back to Walgreens. The parking lot was packed!  There were lines of people at all the registers. Limit 2 on paper products.  No one was buying Easter candy, yet. There was no milk, today. Tomorrow, who knows?  I’ll be back.

March is  many weathers, so they say.  There may be snow on Sunday!   But today, clouds give way to sun. Kids are playing basketball  in the alley. There are buds on the branches, but no baseball on the radio. Remember baseball? Here’s a post on baseball, and opening day.

But we are learning how to live differently,  now.   Changing with the weather.  Amid uncertainty, we can be kind and care for one another. There is still such beauty in this world–tough and resilient–the audacity of  the crocuses, the daffodils, the little chirping sparrows,  the first green leaves. Buds are swelling on the lilacs and magnolias.

And here we are, alive here, now.   We are in  this weather, Spring and all that is.



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  • Once again, thank you for helping me focus on the beauty in the world. Well done.

  • Thank you, my friend. Yes! The peonies are coming up, too.

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