What if there was no moon?

What if there was no moon?
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This post was inspired by an article on Astronomy.com. You can read more here.

We look up at the moon, and what do we see?  Do we see what poets saw, what astronomers in  Egypt and Persia saw thousands of years ago?  There are human footprints on the moon, now.  The moon is a muse, a mirror, a metaphor. It is familiar, and changing  as our own faces.

Can you imagine the night sky without the moon in it?

The sky would not be the same, nor the world  we live on.  The moon affects the ocean tides on earth, holds our tilted planet steady. Without the moon there would be no tides or seasons as we know them. Nocturnal animals would be affected. Migratory birds would be affected. The climate would dramatically change.

Would we have clocks and calendars?  How would cultures with lunar-based  calendars be different?  Would there be poetry, romance, werewolves and vampires?  There would be no eclipses. No moonlight. What would we imagine in its place?

Maybe  something to think about, as the moon grows more full in the early evening sky, and these long nights before the winter solstice.  The full moon on December 12 is also called the cold moon, or the long-night’s moon.  The winter solstice (also called midwinter) will occur on December 21.

The moon  is with us, whatever the weather.  But what if there was no moon?





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  • I read this yesterday and I'm still contemplating it -- many thanks. No "Fly Me to the Moon" (where?), no "Moonlight Sonata" (what?), no "Claire de Lune" (what?) -- and that's only music! But no lunacy? Hmm, that might work!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Thank you for reading and wonderful comments! Yes, what about songs like It's Only a Paper Moon, Bad Moon Rising, and Dancing in the Moonlight? All the poems, plays, paintings and prints, too. The moon inspires such beauty! As for lunacy, well, there would probably be another word for that...
    Thanks again!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    No Bullwinkle pointing out that Gidney and Cloyd came from the m-u-n-e moon.

  • In reply to jack:

    Good one, Jack!

  • If there were no moon, the stars would have to pick up the slack. Only a Paper Star, Starlight Becomes You, Stars over Miami, Blue Star, Star River, Fly Me to the Stars, Starlight Sonata, Claire d'Etoile, By the Light of the Silvery Star, and on and on and on...

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Thanks for stopping by, AW--I love your comments--Claire d'Etoile is superb.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Well done! I stand edited, if not corrected!

  • Thank you both! Yes, the stars--think of the glorious Starry Night by Van Gogh....

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