21 Days in May

It was a wet and wild May—an all-time record of precipitation, and 21 days of rain.  Fields are too wet for planting. Rivers are still at flood stage.

Here is a satellite image from NASA showing flooding along the Mississippi River in May–

Meanwhile, storms have been producing tornadoes from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania. According to the Storm Prediction Center, there have been over 540 reported tornadoes in the past 30 days.

Why have there been so many tornadoes? Why has there been so much rain? Why are there wildfires in Western Canada?

While meteorologists and climatologists are reluctant to attribute  particular weather  events to climate change, they are saying there is a connection.  Ice in Alaska has changed.  Farmers in Illinois have never seen rain like this.

And today, the first afternoon of June, the start of meteorological summer, there’s  baseball on the radio and the sun is shining as the rain is coming down, and there are hailstones the size of jawbreakers falling on the tree-lined streets of Oak Park.



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