A rain of May flowers

Snow in April and rain in May, maybe the wettest spring on record, but now here come the May flowers–

There are tulips in a profusion of colors, from white to striped and purple-black.  You can find them in front yards and back yards and planted in the medians along Michigan Avenue.  A native of Central Asia, the tulip has a rich and fascinating story. If you want to read more, The Tulip, by Anna Pavord, is an excellent history.

The tulips may be the aristocrats of the garden, but the more humble violets and dandelions are decorating the parkways and backyards, too. Here is a post I did on the history of the dandelion, and why they are not just weeds to be eradicated.


And, there are all the flowering trees and bushes. The magnolias may have come and gone, but the redbud trees with their pink-purple flowers and graceful lines are blooming now.  They are native to North America, a lovely combination with the tulips and  violets growing under them.

And the white flowering dogwood blossoms!


To see the lilacs blooming again is one of the most beautiful sights of spring–



But I think my favorites of all are the flowering crab apple trees.  The flowers  have a fragrance that smells like water to me, as fresh as spring rain.  And when the flowers fall, there is a rain of white blossoms everywhere.

blooming crab apple--wikimedia

blooming crab apple–wikimedia

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