Sun today, rain tomorrow

Sun today, rain tomorrow

Welcome to April!  It was a beautiful weekend to be outside.  The robins are back and baseball, too.  The alleys are blooming with broken dressers  and discarded chairs.

And people were out in the warmer weather. Now, it feels like Spring–Oh, sweet 60 degrees!  Yes, cooler with the lake breeze, but still a delight after a winter that seemed to last forever.

According to NOAA climate report, 2019 YTD has been the coldest since 2014.  It has also been wetter than average. You can read more of the report here.

Yes, Chicago felt the effects of the plunging jet stream. We also felt the effects of wetter climate, not in  snow totals, but in wintry-mix precipitation–sleet, freezing rain, rain turning to snow and snow turning to ice!

Those memories are melting away when it’s sunny and 60’s. But along with the warmer weather this past weekend, there was also more gun violence, and homicides.

April also brings the increased possibility of  tornadoes and  thunderstorms as we start the severe weather season. And winter weather isn’t over, yet!  Remember that bomb-cyclone blizzard last month?  There’s another big storm heading for Minneapolis. We will feel the effects, here, on the southern edge of the storm.  Cold again, and rain.

But here today, it’s a lovely day in April.  Sun,  and 60 degrees. The daffodils are blooming, and the light is shining through the new green leaves.


Wondering what to wear in such changing weather? You can read more here.


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  • April always has been a mixed-bag. But it is undeniably the month of anticipation. Any day something is breaking through the soil. Or unfurling. A leaf, a petal. And then the rush of growth.. It's life's reawakening after the long sleep of winter.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Thanks for stopping by, AW! Oh yes, those new leaves, and the red shoots of the peonies, we feel the miracle of life again.

  • I think someone predicted while it was still warm in December that 2019 would be like 2014. With snow predicted for tomorrow, it sure is.

    But I still can't figure out how a cold front coming through Sunday resulted in 70s and 60s Monday and today.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks for reading, Jack. That's a good question for Tom Skilling. According to him, Sunday was low pressure and scattered showers as the cold front moved through. Maybe it was the winds from the south, followed by weak high pressure on Monday.

    Yes, similar jet stream pattern as 2014, but these bomb-cyclone blizzard storms are what I will remember this year.

  • Hmm. Thanks, as always, for a lot to observe and think about.

  • Thanks as always for reading!

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