Big Snow Moon

Big Snow Moon

Monday morning started with lake-effect snow, softly falling, covering streets and sidewalks.  There was shoveling and snow-blowing, and the feeling of accomplishment  of clearing a pathway or a parking space.

By the afternoon,  the snow had melted on the darker surfaces of streets and sidewalks.  Such is the changing weather, here.

If you think it’s been a snowy winter, you’re right. According to the National Weather Service, Chicago had recorded 41 inches of snow so far this winter–the most snow in  5 years!

There is still  snow on grassy surfaces, and  a little  light snow falling  this evening.  Clouds move across the darkening sky and the bright moon rising.

This February full moon is called the Snow Moon. It’s also called the Crow Moon, Lenten Moon,  or Worm Moon, based on different traditions.  The moon will be full on Tuesday night, but it will appear full tonight  and Wednesday night, too.

I know we all have problems, and the world is a mess.  But go out in the snow and look up at the moon, and appreciate a  moment of winter beauty.

No matter what the weather, you can also watch the full moon online at  Slooh.

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