Mother Nature is a Baseball Fan

Best. Game. Ever.  Game 7 of the World Series seemed like a game that would never end. Young men grew old, 108 years  in that extra-inning game, and in a single  throw for the final out,  old men become young again.   There were tears and rain in Cleveland.

Yes, the rain, the rain that was in the forecast, the same rain we walked through in Chicago that afternoon under a haze of gray sky and autumn leaves.  It was perfect baseball weather, unseasonably warm.  September weather in November!

You knew it would come down to this one game–there would be extra innings, too. Then, there would be  rain, and a rain  delay.   But it was not the cold, unforgiving  rain of November.  It was renewing and rejuvenating, almost like spring rain.

There was rain and tears in Cleveland.  A long drought had ended.  “Cubs win, Cubs win! Cubs win the World Series!”

And still, the unseasonable  warmth  lingers into November, as if  Mother Nature doesn’t want the game to end.  It was perfect weather for the victory parade on Friday, too. The sky was dazzling blue, almost as blue as the river dyed for the occasion. Joy was in the air.  The City of Chicago estimates over 5 million people came out  to cheer on the  victorious  Cubs, not only this year’s champions, but all the players who had come before.

I think people came out to cheer for baseball, too.  America needed this game.

TV ratings soared for the World Series.  People all over the world were following the games. They remembered games of their childhood.  They  discovered baseball again.

You couldn’t ask for better weather, or a more perfect, imperfect game.



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  • Beautifully said. I wonder, will rain delays will get cheered next season? After all, look what one led to.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Yes, alot can happen in 17 minutes...Thanks for reading and comments!

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