Cold November Reality

It’s November 11, and  still the warmth of summer lingers, but  it’s a different season, now. The election is over. The leaves are falling on the campaign signs and  we know the cold is coming.  The cold and dark will come.

The political climate has changed.  Cold and dark times are coming.  What  do we do now?   Even the weather is uncertain.

Temperatures in the  arctic are  still above average for this time of year, but the snowpack in  Eurasia is already extensive.  The forecast is for a La Niña weather pattern this winter. After  record-high temperatures this summer, could we see a  return of the polar vortex?  Read more about it here.

On November 9, the sky was defiantly blue.  The gold of the hickory leaves was astonishingly beautiful.  Now, the ground is covered with colored leaves.  Through the bare branches, we see things more clearly.  We know just how bad it can be. We need to prepare for what’s coming, as we would for  extreme weather.  We must remember  the things we hold most dear.

What will get us through this winter, what will keep us warm?  Not the fires of hatred, division and fear. We must  remember beauty, kindness, humor,  love.

Now we  have work to do,  for humanity and the future. Climate will be more important than ever.  There are many things we can do,  in this weather, in this world that we all share.

Spring will come  again…


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  • Thank you for this beautiful call to work and hope.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Thank you, my beautiful friend.

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