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Magnolias in November

Magnolias  in November
Magnolias may be considered  a southern  tree,  but they are grown here, too. The magnolia is a  lovely small tree, and in the spring the  flowers are exquisite.  There are many varieties of magnolias, such as the star magnolia, pictured. The Morton  Arboretum  has over forty-nine examples of magnolias. Flower colors can range from creamy white to yellow to... Read more »

Watch the Supemoon tonight!

Watch the Supemoon tonight!
Tonight, the full moon will appear bigger and brighter than it has in  almost 69 years. If  you can’t go out and see the moon, or it’s overcast where you are, SLOOH will be live streaming this amazing sight beginning at 8 pm EDT, or 7 pm in Chicago. You can watch it online here. Why is... Read more »

Cold November Reality

December-like air to push across northeastern US this weekend — William Rusk (@willdrusk) November 9, 2016 It’s November 11, and  still the warmth of summer lingers, but  it’s a different season, now. The election is over. The leaves are falling on the campaign signs and  we know the cold is coming.  The cold and dark will... Read more »

Mother Nature is a Baseball Fan

Downtown Chicago transformed into a sea — and a river — of Cubbie blue. — Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) November 4, 2016 Best. Game. Ever.  Game 7 of the World Series seemed like a game that would never end. Young men grew old, 108 years  in that extra-inning game, and in a single  throw for the final... Read more »