30 Days wild -- day 27-- connections

30 Days wild -- day 27-- connections


Monday, June 27–Today, the repairman came out to check the phone lines.

The line runs from the alley, through the mulberry tree, to the box outside the house.  Yes,  there was a problem with the line.  It was not knocked loose in the recent thunderstorm, which had happened earlier this year during a winter snowstorm.  This time, squirrels had chewed the wires!

The line had to be replaced.  It was a big job,  but now, things are working again.  Yes, we have dial tone!  Yes, we have internet!

The repairman told me that rats and squirrels are notorious for chewing wires and getting into equipment.  Rats can cause power outages. In this case, squirrels snacking on mulberries also snacked on my line.

How wild is that?  You see, how things are connected?

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  • Snacked on the line, eh? I hope they got a charge out of it... mildly, of course.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Phone is low voltage.

  • Except for the bottom of the picture, you depicted mostly electric lines.

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