30 Days Wild--Day 20--Solstice!

30 Days Wild--Day 20--Solstice!
wikimedia--summer solstice sunrise over Lake Michigan

Today is summer  solstice. It is exact at 5:35 p.m.  CDT.  At this time, the sun  reaches  its northernmost point in our sky.  In the Northern hemisphere,  astronomical summer begins.

For thousands of years, humans have celebrated the sun, the cycles of the solstices and equinoxes. Crowds  still gather at Stonehenge today.   Here is a photo of the summer solstice sun rising over Lake Michigan.  No doubt, human eyes watched the summer  sunrise when all this was  wetlands  and prairie.

You can read more about the June solstice here, at EarthSky.

There will also be a full moon tonight.  EarthSky says this  is the first full moon coinciding with  the June solstice since 1967.  According to Space.com (using  Universal Time),  they have not occurred  on the same day since 1948.  However you calculate it, this is an astronomical event that has not been seen in decades.

You can watch a SLOOH webcast of the full moon rising online here.

Celebrate the summer, and the light.

Sun and moon dance all day, all night.


You can read more about 30 Days Wild here.



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