when does spring begin?

when does spring begin?

Bid farewell to February, in her coat of snow and brown leaves.  Welcome March with her new greens.  Ask when does spring begin? Does it begin on the first day of March, the official start to meterological spring? Does it begin on the vernal equinox, which we call astronomical spring?

Does it begin in the seed catalogs and fashion magazines?

Does it begin at Walgreens, where the red hearts of Valentines Day  give way to the colorful Easter candy?

Is it spring when the pitchers and catchers report?  When the Flower and Garden Show opens at Navy Pier?

There are signs of the changing season already–buds are swelling on the bushes and trees. The magnolia and forsythia and the pussy willows  are already responding to the increasing light of the days…

Can there be a more welcome sign of spring than the  white and purple buds of the crocuses among the dry leaves in  a neighbor’s  garden?  Yes! Yes, all of this is beginning again, and there is no one official day.  It is unique to  each of us.  It is in our hearts that spring begins.

There is  a sudden intake of the breath, the feel of a gentle breeze…there is no counting,  or knowing..

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  • It begins when the buds are on the bushes, which was 2 weeks ago. Some of the bushes seem to be missing bark, and I saw a rabbit just staring at me through the window.

    BTW, I wonder about some deciduous trees that have brown leaves that did not drop.

    At least Spring doesn't start April 21, as it did the last couple of years.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks for reading Jack. I always appreciate your perspective. Yes, hickories and oaks will often hold on to their leaves. I do think there are stages of spring. To me, perhaps the most beautiful are the mist of green leaves.

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