spring cleaning 101

spring cleaning 101

Does spring have an essence, an aroma, a  spirit?   Maybe it is  the smell of wet earth, a green smell, like growing things.

Could it also be the  clean smell of  laundry drying in the breeze?

Perhaps it is  that “Pottery Barn Smell,” as described so well by my fellow blogger Yoga Mom in her blog Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom. You can read her post here.  Her blog is always an inspiration for those trying to live a simpler, more natural way.

And yes, I think spring has a certain spirit, a  lightness, an uncluttered essence, like  fresh air.  It is that spirit that inspires us to  open the windows, to pack away the winter things, to declutter. For some great tips on how to get more uncluttered and organized, I suggest the wonderful blog, Organizing with Erin. You can read it here.

If her blog inspires you, as it has me, you can’t wait to get cleaning.  You can even make your own cleaning products. For many, this is an environmental choice, and it is better for  kids and pets, too.

Baking soda is a simple product with many uses. Unlike harsh abrasives, it is even safe to take internally. You can use it as an antacid, in case of heartburn. You can use it in place of, or in addition to, toothpaste as well.

Vinegar is often  recommended as a cleaner. Some have suggested that if the smell of vinegar bothers you, vodka can be substituted. It has disinfectant qualities. and, yes, it can also be taken internally.

But perhaps the most versatile and fresh-smelling product, most evocative of spring and renewal is this  Murphy’s Oil Soap. If you have wood floors, or wood furniture of any kind, this product will get that wood clean and sweet-smelling. Out with the heaviness of winter, welcome the lightness of spring!

Need more spring inspiration? Here’s  some  ways to think spring now.


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  • When it is something that you ate,
    Try sodium bicarbonate
    In Boston folks use baking soda
    To rid the fridge of sour oda.
    Vinegar is good with oil
    And will remove a spot of soil.
    Use vodka as a last resort.
    You'll live with dirt after a snort.

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    Thanks for reading, AW!

  • Thank you. This is inspiring... once I get off the computer, anyway!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    so glad it inspired you!

  • I love Murphy's Oil Soap also!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Thanks, Kathy! It's so great!

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