Why aren't you following Tom Skilling on Twitter?

On days like today, weather is news. A storm  in Chicago can  affect  getting around–from walking and driving conditions to  flight plans and train schedules all over the country.  There are many ways to stay informed about the weather.  If you don’t have or use a portable radio, social media is a valuable tool for keeping up on the go.

According to the latest studies from Pew Research, most people have  mobile phones these days (rather than portable radios),  and the smartphone is the primary internet access for many  people.  In addition to texting, streaming videos and selfies, there is a vast information network available  online. There  are many weather sites; National Weather Service and Accu-Weather are just two. There are all kinds of  weather apps, as well.

But for breaking news, don’t rely on Facebook. Twitter is the way to go.  All these weather services are also on Twitter, which serves as a portal to their larger sites or blogs. WGN is an example of this.

Which brings me to Tom Skilling.  He is the weatherman’s weatherman, and an advocate for information on climate change and global warming. He is on TV and radio. You can find him on the Weather Page in the Chicago Tribune.  He explains things so well, it is no wonder that the head of the National Weather Service named him a Weather Ambassador.

Here is  his explanation of  how computer models work.

He has clarified  misunderstood weather terms, such  as derecho, thundersnow and polar vortex.

And today, when keeping up with the  changing weather  really matters in the  Chicago/downstate Illinois/ NW Indiana area, there is no finer coverage than these  reports on Twitter.

Here is the snow report at 11:30–

Here is one hour later–


These are  the latest reports–


Did you know Tom Skilling has over 57K followers on Twitter?  Yes, I am one of them.  Why not follow him, too?


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  • I'll do it! I'm always checking my weather app but I'm sure his updates are better.

  • In reply to Realpro53:

    Thanks for reading1 The weather apps are good, but I really do find his updates helpful and informative, too.

  • Given that Skilling's operation is on TV 11.5 hours a day, and Twitter is generally misused, I don't think I'm missing anything by not subscribing.

    However, I noted yesterday that Channel 7 called an all-out snowmaggedon, even though the city and points northwest got maybe two inches. Sure the far south suburbs and Indiana got socked, but stuff like bringing in Roz Varon to report that travel times on Chicago expressways were "surprisingly" normal had no point. Robert Feder came to the same conclusion today.

    The one person to whom I give credit is Demetrius Ivory, who said about noon Tuesday, that various models were converging on predicted snowfalls, and the Wednesday night maps proved that correct.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks for reading, jack. I like Demetrius Ivory, too. Yes, I suppose you can also watch TV on the phone, but Twitter does have its uses...

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    As indicated,I can watch TV on Channel 9.1. I do think that they are setting up Demetrius to be the next head meteorologist.

  • In reply to jack:

    I think you're right about that, Jack. He is very good!

  • I do follow him, you are correct. He's a great one to keep an eye on on Twitter.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Thanks, Kathy. He is especially good with the breaking news, I think. So glad we follow each other on Twitter, too!

  • Well, being old-school (surprise!), I'm not following anybody on Twitter yet. Thanks for an object lesson on its value, though!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Glad you found it useful. Thanks for reading!

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