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Blue Mondays All Week

Blue Mondays  All Week
Here it is, the third week of January,  historically the coldest week of the year.   Yes, it was  really cold. Not polar vortex cold like the past two  years, not cold as interstellar space, which, according to the Adler Planetarium ad is  -454 degrees Fahrenheit,  but  cold enough to remind us that it does... Read more »

Snow and subzero---winter as we know it

Snow and  subzero---winter as we know it
Snow, and subzero is winter as we know it here. Time to get out all the layers. When  Chiberia returns,  the chic Chiberians get out the snow pants, the sweatpants, the  fleece-lined pants. They pile on as many extra layers as they can.  They mix and match. They add colors, too.  There is Chiberian chic.... Read more »

The Joys of January

The Joys of January
Happy new year! Here comes the new page of January, unwritten as freah-fallen snow.  It’s  a chance to begin again—out with the old, in with the new! And yet, in our  routine  of days,  how quickly the  page is covered with appointments and errands, assignments, projects, things to do. New things and old  occupy our... Read more »