The Boys of October 2015

Here comes October, and already  there are  some  colors of changing leaves.  Fall is here– the pumpkins, the sweaters.  Time to put away the summer chairs….well, maybe not just yet. There are still some warm days coming….

For sports lovers, this is a great time of year. Hockey is just beginning. And there’s football and basketball, too.  And baseball, the  game  of summer,  is not quite over for the season.

In a way, baseball is a  game for all seasons.  It  warms us through the winters with hot-stove talk of spring.  It starts out hopeful in the April air.  It ripens with the tomatoes,  through the summer days and nights.  It heats up in October with the playoffs, and the World Series.

Too often, playoff season is a  vicarious experience, here, tinged with bitterness.  The last World Series in Chicago was in 2005. That was years ago.  But this year could be different, at least for now.

Even as we are putting  out the mums and planting the spring tulip bulbs, or mending the holes in favorite sweaters,  baseball isn’t over for the season.  Under gray and autumnal sky, baseball  is in the air.  There’s a sweetness to it.

The boys of October 2015 are wearing jackets and hoodies.  Some of them play baseball, too.  Here’s some photos of the Cubs players as they left for the game in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night.  It’s a one-game,  wild-card playoff.

And, here comes the sun, again.  Cheers  to  the  boys of October.  Playoff season is just beginning.



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  • Cubs 4 Pirates 0.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:


  • Thanks, AW!

  • As long term Cubs fans know, the team traditionally fares better when the weather is not so severely hot. Weather this summer was pretty moderate and perhaps a contributing factor to success. Looks like, thus far, fall is being pretty gentle and moderate as well. Weather favors World Series Success in Chicago, perhaps.

  • In reply to Sue Fitzpatrick:

    Thanks for reading, Sue. It's been a good summer, and October looks great for baseball, here.

  • Thanks for a fun read. For a Hawks partisan like me, it was funny to have to explain what I meant by "the game" on the night when that expression was shared by the season opener/banner night and the wild-card game. (I like it better with a hyphen -- without, it looks like a rough poker game. Oh well, that's solved for a while anyway.)

  • Thanks for reading--let the hockey (and baseball playoff) games begin!

  • Since this is a Weather blog, what was the effect of the wind on the 6 home home runs? We need a chart with vectors and parabolas ;-)

  • In reply to jack:

    You don't need me to tell you which way the wind was blowing :)

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Maybe you do need a weatherman. Some of the TV forecasters were saying that they were doing homer forecasts, and that the wind on Tuesday was shifting to from the NW. So, where did Schwarber's HR drop? On the right field video board.

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