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Lunar eclipse thrills skywatchers around the world

It was an  overcast Sunday, and the forecast did not  sound promising for watching the eclipse of the Super Harvest Blood Moon here in Chicago.  No consolation that there would be another lunar tetrad in  2033.  How often do we get to see an astronomical event here?  These sights are always  weather permitting. Nevertheless, conditions... Read more »

Blood Moon 4 --- Totality--- Sept. 27-28

 Blood Moon 4 ---  Totality--- Sept. 27-28
Skywatchers will be in for  a super  show this  month as the full moon lights  the night of September 27-28.  It will  be a “supermoon” or a perigee full moon,  the moon’s closest approach to the Earth. The moon does appear larger and brighter at perigee.  As if that weren’t  spectacular enough, on the night of... Read more »

Have you seen these weeds?

People call them weeds, unwanted.  But these four wild plants, commonly found along roadsides, vacant lots,  and other undisturbed places, have many uses, medicinal and  otherwise. They are also very good plants to grow to attract bees and butterflies. They deserve a place in  cultivated gardens, too. These wild weeds are burdock, chickory, milkweed and... Read more »