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The Language of Crows

The Language of Crows
Earlier this spring, I  wrote about the possible  comeback of crows in my neighborhood in south Oak Park.  Once familiar  residents of a giant oak tree across the alley, the population had been decimated by West Nile Virus. You can read that post here. Yes, the crows had returned!  I have been watching their comings... Read more »

Heat Wave 1995

    The heat wave that hit Chicago in July of 1995 was one of the worst urban tragedies in modern history. It was scorching, sweltering. It was unbelievable heat, and high humidity, combined with poor air quality. During the five-day period, of July 12- 16, temperatures were well over 100 degrees, with heat indices... Read more »

full orange moon

Smoke moon, Danny Crocker-Jensen, Wardsville, MO Many saw a high, orange moon last night due to Canadian wildfires — EarthSky (@earthskyscience) June 30, 2015   The full moon of July is the moon of high summer. It has many traditional names from folklore and Native Americans. According to the Old  Farmers’ Almanac, it is... Read more »