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Rain delay summer

You thought right: June is breaking rainfall records. — Tribune Graphics (@ChiTribGraphics) June 30, 2015   It’s been a cool and rainy June, here. Many days of clouds and gray, severe storms, flash flooding  and more than nine tornadoes. According to Tom Skilling, the tornado that hit the Coal City area was the... Read more »

floods in the forecast

The most recent wave of rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of Hawks fans. The heavy rain did, however,  make getting anywhere challenging, to say the least. Flights were delayed or cancelled. Busses were rerouted to accommodate the crowds and flooded streets. Blue Line trains were stopped from Cicero Ave. to  Forest Park. Public transit was... Read more »

A day of weather

Here’s how @cubs fans are spending the rain delay — Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) June 14, 2015 The fans in the photo above had  fun during a rain delay at the Cubs game on Saturday. That could have been the scenario for Monday night as well, but the Cubs-Indians  game has been rescheduled for August... Read more »

West Nile Virus is Back

West Nile Virus is Back
Yes! Warm weather is coming, and that means  more outdoor activity, and those pesky mosquitos.  Did you know that Chicago is the no.2 mosquito city in the United States?  According to this report from Orkin,  Atlanta is   no. 1, followed by Chicago. But mosquitos are more than minor irritations.  They can be  disease vectors. Malaria,... Read more »