Blood Moon 3--the shortest eclipse

Blood Moon 3--the shortest eclipse

Don’t blink! The  third of four blood moons  will occur  on April 4.   You can read about the two previous ones  here and here .

The eclipse of a full moon is sometimes called a blood moon, due to the reddish color  caused by the shadow of the Earth falling across the moon, and sunlight  scattering in the Earth’s atmosphere.This eclipse on April 4, which follows the solar eclipse on the vernal equinox,  will be the shortest lunar eclipse in the 21st century, according to

Early-rising observers all over the United States should be able to see at least the partial phases of the April 4 lunar eclipse just before the sun rises, if weather permits. People on the West Coast will have the chance to see the moon turn an eerie shade of red during totality, which should begin at about 7:58 a.m. EDT (1158 GMT, 4:58 a.m. PDT).  

Observers in other parts of the world will have an even better chance to see the lunar eclipse. Stargazers in Australia, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia will get the chance to see the eclipse on the night of April 4, according to Sky & Telescope. (Sky & Telescope predicts that the total phase of the eclipse will actually last about 9 to 12 minutes starting at 7:54 a.m. EDT.)


Viewers west of the Mississippi will be able to see a total eclipse. Viewers east of the Mississippi will see a partial eclipse before the moon sets in the west. This eclipse is the third in what is called a lunar tetrad.

A sequence of four total lunar eclipses with no partial eclipses in between is called a  lunar tetrad. This sequence features eclipses on April 15, 2014; Oct. 8, 2014;  April 4, 2015 and Sept. 28, 2015.


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  • Since you keep up with coincidences of the calendar, any connection between the blood moon and Easter and Passover (other than Passover starts on the 14th of the lunar month)?

  • In reply to jack:

    Good question, Jack! Easter Sunday is a moveable feast. According to, it's calculated as the Sunday after the first full moon (the Paschal full moon) after the vernal equinox.

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    One needs a full moon for an eclipse. Of course, there is the question whether the Orthodox one is the same time.

    Also, since Aquinas brings up my finding synchronicity, here's one.

  • Thanks for the update. No doubt I'll be on my feet in time for the eclipse, but notice I didn't call that "awake." They aren't the same thing at that hour!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Don't blink! And thanks for reading....

  • I missed it, drat!

  • Me, too! There are lots of great pictures online, though. And the fourth and final one will be coming in September...

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