January Moon

January Moon

Greetings, and happy new year! Welcome to January. The new moon on the winter solstice has grown fat and full, now. This is the first full moon of the new year.  It is sometimes called the Wolf Moon, or Cold Moon, and it is a vision of beauty over the winter landscape, the city at night, the  Lake.

Sure, it’s 20-below wind chill out there, but that’s January, the coldest month of the year here. You don’t need the weather records to confirm that, but they do.  It’s cold, and snow. It’s winter.  And it’s even colder in international Falls, Minnesota–45-below!

This arctic air  is expected to last all week.  In case you have forgotten how to dress for  subzero conditions, here  is a helpful post. If you don’t have time to read it, remember –hoodies and light layers are your allies, now.

And so, on to January, the good the bad and the ugly of it all. Holidays are over. Maybe there’s a sigh of relief. Maybe there’s a letdown, staring into that white expanse of the new year.

Now come the white sales, the post- holiday sales. Do you need a 2015 calendar? Do you need  winter boots? Now is the time to find them!

Now come the bills, the colds, the aches and  flus, the shoveling and scraping, the searching for lost gloves.

Now come the promises of “this is the year” that …..and whatever that resolve is, maybe already it’s gone by the wayside. Don’t become discouraged.  You can do it, begin again.  We are always beginning, again.

Look at the January Moon.




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  • I had previously shopped for a coat and boots, and then assumed in December that doing so would assure that they were not needed. Ha Ha.

    December may have reflected El Nino, but we are back to Monday is as cold as..... Seems always to be a Monday pattern.

  • Greetings, Jack! Yes, the arctic air is back...I need new boots, but the snowboard pants are still good.

    I'm looking into that pattern of Mondays...

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    weather underground seems to correlate with my recollections:
    Mon Jan. 6 -16/-2.
    Mon. Jan 27 -7/6
    Mon. Feb. 3 -6/21
    Mon. Feb. 10 -3/12
    Mon. Mar. 3 -2/19


    Of course, I throw in April 14 where the low was 30 and it snowed.

    My recollection is based on the onset of the real cold.

  • Thanks, Jack! Off to do more research now...

  • Great moon! And I like the idea of sales!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Happy New Year, Kathy! Post-full moon is beautiful in the early morning, now. Stay warm!

  • And the last few nights, Jupiter has partnered with the ravishing Diana. Happy Full Moon!

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    By Jupiter, AW! Jupiter's moons are also putting on a show. Look for Comet Lovejoy, too--due east, near Eridanus.

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