Winter Ready Week

Are you winter ready?  It’s not news that it’s cold out there. Birds have flown. Leaves are brown.  Count the flakes of snow. Welcome to winter, again.

Yes, there are  the pleasures of hot coffee, warm boots and favorite sweaters. There is the beauty of red berries on bare branches.

There are challengs to winter weather, too. Check out NWS Chicago for Winter Ready Week–November 16-22,  and  tips on preparing for the challenges of winter weather.


The website has plenty of useful information, from  driving safety  reminders to types of precipitation. You, too, can be  weather  ready.


There’s good news on the cold front, too.  According to an article by Julie Wernau  in the  Chicago Tribune,  Schneider Electric Weather, which  provides forecasting for utilities,  is predicting a milder winter, not as persistently cold as last year.

What does this mean for you and me? Residential heating  bills are expected to be lower this winter.  How much lower?  There  could be  savings of more than $150  over  last year’s November through March winter heating season.

Now, that’s an encouraging thought on a cold November night, and possible record cold tomorrow….



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  • Oh boy, I thought I was ready because I had warm coats. I need to get on this!

  • Ha ha--I need another coat, so you're doing better than I am!
    I know you have batteries and a weather radio....

  • Thanks for a real service with this post. I am a bit worried about batteries -- those of us not buying them for toys should buy them now, I guess, before the toy-buyers lower stocks.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    There should be supplies of batteries (and coupons for batteries) at Walgreens. Maybe this year they will carry snow shovels!
    BTW, have you seen the "Frozen" hats with braids in the toy aisle?

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