Adventures in weather

No, the National Weather Service doesn’t make the weather.  If they did, would they plan a major snowstorm for the biggest travel day of the year?  Expect delays. Planes, trains, busses and cars.  Better yet, leave yesterday.

Even though NWS winter ready week  was last week,  winter weather is just getting started.  Here are some reminders if you are  driving–


The storm is predicted for the east coast, including major cities of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. but  it affects travel everywhere.  And  wintry stuff  will be coming here, too, soon enough. Yes, snow and sleet, and thundersnow!

Remember last year?   Here are some snow shoveling reminders—

Let the adventures begin. You can also follow the storm updates in New York, Boston, Philadelphia  and Washington, D.C. with Eric Holthaus on Twitter —@EricHolthaus.

Safe journeys, travelers…And think of the stories you’ll have to tell.




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  • Thanks for the reminders. Safe journeys, all, indeed... even on the icy sidewalks from the rain. Here we go, Chicago!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Yes, here we go--let the adventures begin....Thank you, always, for reading and comments!

  • Last week wasn't much better. I had to make a drive trip to Kansas City. Chicago forecasters were saying all week that it was going to be warmer on Sat., but then put out the freezing rain advisory. Fortunately, it cleared up near Normal, which probably isn't.

    On the way back, KC First Alert Weather* said clear there but the forecast was for snow and riots to the east. So, I went north through Iowa, but it started blowing snow real hard east of DesMoines. Fortunately, it didn't stick to the expressway, and by the time I got to Illinois the salt trucks were out. Of course, it is colder than hell again in the Chicago area.

    Since I took care of family business last week, I'm staying in. Apparently a lot of other people also are, as the usual day before Thanksgiving "The TriState is not moving between Willow Road and I-65 in Indiana" didn't happen this year.

    *I still can't figure out why Channel 7 here bought the apparently nationwide First Alert Weather tag line, and I also mentioned "Accuweather reports a steady barometer."

  • In reply to jack:

    Thank you for sharing your adventures, Jack! I am always grateful for your reading and your comments.

  • Here is the weather question of the day:

    Why is it when we get attacked by the polar vortex, it is always Monday?

    January to April 2014 it was every other Monday, but this November (and continuing at least to Dec. 1) it is every Monday.

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