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Adventures in weather

No, the National Weather Service doesn’t make the weather.  If they did, would they plan a major snowstorm for the biggest travel day of the year?  Expect delays. Planes, trains, busses and cars.  Better yet, leave yesterday. Even though NWS winter ready week  was last week,  winter weather is just getting started.  Here are some... Read more »

Winter Ready Week

Are you winter ready?  It’s not news that it’s cold out there. Birds have flown. Leaves are brown.  Count the flakes of snow. Welcome to winter, again. Yes, there are  the pleasures of hot coffee, warm boots and favorite sweaters. There is the beauty of red berries on bare branches. There are challengs to winter... Read more »

Return of the polar vortex

  Bundle up, East Coast: Winter is coming early this year. — Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) November 5, 2014 Does this pattern look  disturbingly familiar? The polar vortex pattern that we saw  through the summer will bring back that winter  feeling to the midwest  and the east coast this coming week. What’s causing this... Read more »

November 1, a cross-quarter day

November 1,  a  cross-quarter day
On our common calendar, we call the last day of October  Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve, and November 1 is called All Saint’s Day. But this observance is very old,  even  older than the Celtic Samhain, which is still celebrated  today. Samhain  begins on sunset of October 31 and  is a 3-day celebration of the end... Read more »